The educational activities of the Ashrama include the Ramakrishna Mission Senior Secondary School, a general library run at nominal charges, the free Coaching classes for the poor, other activities like painting contests, banner-making contests, quizzes, elocution competitions etc. in the schools in and around Kanpur. 

Ramakrishna Mission Senior Secondary School

The Ashrama used to run a School named ‘Vivekananda Vidyapith’ in a small dilapidated building. In 1947 the Foundation Stone for a new building was laid just across the main campus, and this became the prestigious Ramakrishna Mission School. It slowly became an ideal institution in Uttar Pradesh. In 1983-4, because of its continuous outstanding performance in academics, the School was designated ‘Best School’ and was awarded by the State Government. At present, the School is affiliated to the U.P. Board having 800 students. The medium of instruction is Hindi.

General Library

The General library was inaugurated in 1967 by Sri Chandra Bhanu Gupta, then Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. A Reading Room is also attached to the Library. There are 10 newspapers, 100 periodicals, and 31,400 books on different subjects. Out of this 13,500 course books on competitive examinations in the Textbook section attracts a large number of students from schools, colleges, and universities. The Library is well-maintained and is one of the best in the city for serious readers who wish to study in a quiet environment.

Free Coaching Classes

The Ashrama runs free coaching classes for poor children from the localities in and around the Ashrama. About 100 students studying in classes 6 to 10 attend these classes daily. Teachers, both honorarium-paid as well as volunteers, teach the students their regular academic courses. In addition to these, the students are also given personality building lessons encouraging them to develop their oratory skills, artistic skills as well as self-confidence. Many such children have turned out to be star-performers in their regular schools due to the encouragement they receive in these classes. Many of these children come from a very low economic background and hence cannot get nutritious food daily. The Ashrama also makes distributes daily nutritious meals as well as milk for these children. 

Other Activities

The Ashrama also holds regular events like painting contests, banner-making contests, quizzes, elocution competitions etc. in the schools in and around Kanpur. The big auditorium in the Ashrama campus also serves as a host for dramas, debate-competitions etc for nearby schools.